Knowing how to build your website is easy but knowing what to build takes knowing why you’re building it


You can find someone with the technical skills to build your website anywhere these days. The tools are endless, the skillset easy to acquire, and the personality type common.

They can’t start work, though, without knowing what to build for you. And that, dear reader, depends entirely on why you need a website.

That’s my specialty: finding why.

Doesn’t Everyone Need a Website?

Having your website created for you isn’t like having your oil changed or your lawn mowed. Many services only require competence, ethics, and the right tools. Your website is far more complex.

Your website is an integral part of your marketing. Get the tone wrong, verbally or visually, and your perfect prospect may not hear you.

Whether you need a new website or a review of your existing site, we’ll make sure what’s created is a direct result of your whyeven if we’re not doing the coding. If you’d like a sampling of how I do it, sign up for the Interactive Quick Start Guide by email and I’ll make it easy to gather the information you’ll need to have the right website created.

I Do Why Best

I’ve been a web designer for nearly 15 years. More important, though, I’m a small business owner and author of eight business books. I know what small businesses are facing today.

I’m uniquely qualified to offer guidance and advice about how your website represents your business. Supported by my wife (who’s my business partner) we’re experts at making sure you get not just a website, but the right website.

Browse our site to see who we are, what our specialties are, when you should start, where to see examples of our work, and why you should choose Spinhead Web Design.

Knowing how to build your website is easy but knowing what to build takes knowing why you’re building it.

Why is how we do what we do.

Let us do it for you. Call or email to see how easy it is.

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