Attracting Quality Clients

Everyone wants clients and customers. Some people are willing to take on anyone as a client at any price the client is willing to pay. You want to attract quality clients who value the quality service you provide. It’s time to say goodbye to those people who want everything for nothing.

That’s why we changed our pricing structure for 2012. We’ve made it very simple. If you want a custom theme and professional marketing assistance with your content, it will cost $2,000. Otherwise our basic websites using one of the tens of thousands of WordPress themes available are $500.

We can obtain hosting for your website for $125 annually, payable in advance, or bill you quarterly for $35 per quarter.

If you need ongoing monthly maintenance, we provide great service and exceptionally fast turn-around times to maintain and update your website, starting at $100 per month. (Those who don’t have a monthly maintenance plan, be prepared to pay our minimum of $250 for any updates).

What about our favorite clients who have been with us for years? Yes, it was time to increase their monthly maintenance fee and website hosting costs as well. However, we gave them all six months’ notice. That’s right — their increased fee doesn’t go into effective until July 1, 2012. We wanted to make sure everyone had plenty of time to adjust their budget accordingly.

So I sent out emails to each of our clients explaining the new arrangement to take effect in six months. The response?

One client thinks it’s quite a substantial rate increase and is considering taking over her own updates. Of course she’s also been struggling to pay the lower fee for the last few months. So should she decide not to continue with the arrangement, it’s not such a loss. I’ve probably spent more time trying to collect the fee each month than it’s worth anyhow.

One client responded: “Sounds good. Thanks Sue!”

After explaining that we are doing this to keep our quality clients, another client said, “Good move. It helps to remind them of that quality.”

These clients got a notification of a substantial rate increase (it’s double what it was), and to boot on a holiday, and were pleased! That’s the kind of quality clients we want to attract!

Are you a quality client or prospect? If so, we’d love to chat about how we can help give you the best value and service possible.

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