Best Hosting on the Web: Charlottezweb

Do you love your website hosting company? I mean, do you love them?

Do they love you? Do they know you by name? Seriously, if you called them and said “Hi, this is me”, would they recognise your name and be happy to hear from you?

Mine would.

I’ve dealt with other hosting companies and invariably at some point, one becomes just another crying voice on the phone or email, trying to get help, and gets stuck with the tech from hell, or falls through the cracks. Problems which I know are the host’s fault are shoved back on the user, or a geek like me is treated like a newbie, forced to jump through all the hoops because that’s what the Book of Answers on their desk requires.

With Jason, the owner and primary contact of Charlottezweb, not once has he ever disappointed me in his tech support. Let me rephrase that: not once has he failed to surprise and delight me. I have made dumb mistakes which he has delightedly fixed, even though in one instance it took him and an associate 3 days of experimentation and research (obviously not full time, but still) to make a full recovery.

I trust Jason. That’s the short version. He knows me by name, and genuinely cares about my hosting, my websites, my email.

At Charlottezweb, I know for a fact I’ll have all the tools I need at my disposal—and if there’s a tool I need that’s not available, Jason will give me godlike access if the situation warrants it.

That’s why Charlottezweb is better than any host I’ve ever worked with or heard of.

Yes, that’s an affiliate link up there. If you get hosting through Charlottezweb, I’ll make a few cents.

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