Choosing Your Blog Hosting Company

There are many options for blog hosting. At Spinhead Web Design we use Charlottezweb exclusively. Here’s why:

  • Reliable, fast, stable service
  • Personable tech support
  • Affordable options

Why do you need a blog hosting company?

Your website and blog have to be stored somewhere. Your hosting company provides the servers where they store all your files.

Another reason we choose Charlottezweb is because we can also register our domain names (URLs) with them as well. Then we only have one company to deal with for both hosting and domains. They take care of it all.

If you choose to work with us to get your blog set up, the first year of hosting and purchase or transfer of your domain name is included in our package price. We’ll manage it all for you. If you’d like, you can go directly to Charlottezweb and register and manage your domain and hosting yourself. You can click on the link below to sign up at Charlottezweb (this is an affiliate link and we will receive a small referral fee).

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