Creating Parent/Child (2-Level) Navigation – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

creating parent child navigationFollowing is the transcription to the WordPress Video Tutorial “Creating Parent/Child (2-Level) Navigation”.

So we’re going to be creating nested or multi-level navigation with WordPress. You notice HOME, Latest, Perfect Day, 2010, our top level navigation as is Philosophical Bits and then we have other navigation underneath. Let’s go in here to our page editing, Perfect Day, we’ll edit that page.

Attributes, Parent, main page with no parent shows up in the navigation that way but we’ll make its Parent the one we want it to appear under. Update that page. Come back and refresh this. Perfect Day disappears from the main menu and shows up underneath here where we can access it now.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Creating Parent/Child (2-Level) Navigation”.

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