Deleting an Image from a Gallery – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

deleting an image from a gallery Following is the transcription to the WordPress Video Tutorial “Deleting an Image from a Gallery”.

Hello there! Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design, with another WordPress Tutorial.

Today we’re going to delete an image from a gallery. Before we even start I want to caution you that deleting an image from a gallery using WordPress’s standard gallery tool deletes the image from your website, from your media library. It’s just gone. There’s currently no way using standard WordPress tools to simply remove an image from a gallery. You have to remove it from the whole site and if you want to reuse it elsewhere then you have to upload it again.

Well, let’s go in and get rid of one of these pictures. The picture of the hat isn’t absolutely necessary to the story arc of this post so we’ll pop into the post, click on the gallery here in the visual tab, and click on the Edit Gallery button.

Then we’ll choose this superfluous and unnecessary image and Delete it. Yes, indeed, we’re going to delete the image which removes it not just from the gallery but from life itself, or at least from your media library. Update the gallery settings, update the post and once that’s done, my Australian fur felt hat will disappear before your very eyes.

Keep in mind that it’s gone now. Obviously my original on my computer still exists but it’s not even in the media library in WordPress anymore so if I wanted to use it in another post about Australian fur felt hats or The Man From Snowy River, I’d need to re-upload that image.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Deleting an Image from a Gallery”.

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