DIY Web Design Tips from Book Covers

While some professionals poo-poo the idea of anyone creating their own website without proper training, I think there are times when budget constraints warrant it.

Book editors and cover designers say the same things about authors who do their own work. “You’re not a professional! Hire a professional!”

Dave BrickerFirst, I’d love for you to hire a professional. For any of that. Website. Book cover design. Editing.

But if those aforementioned budget constraints (you’ll know you have them if there’s dust inside your wallet) prevent you from springing for a pro, why not some research and do the best DIY job you can?

Many amateur websites and book covers look amateurish. They do not have to.

If you’re putting together your own website, WordPress leaves you plenty of control.

And plenty of rope to shoot yourself in the foot. (That’s what comes from watching two westerns at the same time.)

My friend Dave Bricker has been in the publishing business for a long time. He is an artist. He understands book design, inside and out. What; you didn’t know the inside of a book was designed?

Brick has written two articles analyzing book cover design and sharing some ideas and caveats for the DIY crowd.

Guess what? They apply neatly to your DIY website.

Book Cover Design: Judging a Book by Its Cover — Part 1

Book Cover Design: Judging a Book by its Cover — Part 2

What do you think — is there enough overlap here to make this useful?

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7 Responses to DIY Web Design Tips from Book Covers

  1. Karen J says:

    I really enjoyed reading those posts, Joel.
    I’m definitely going back to Dave’s site to read around some more – his blog addresses one of my favorite “easily, happily and well” (not to mention lucrative!) skill-sets: graphic design.
    He makes the rules sensible and accessible, too (even to my *resist authority* brain)!

  2. Karen J says:

    Speaking of page design – I’d like to put in a plug for going back to “ragged right” justification on here…

What do you think?