Editing a Page – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

Editing a PageFollowing is the transcription for the “Editing a Page” WordPress Video tutorial.

Howdy! Joel D Canfield here with another Spinhead Web Design WordPress Tutorial.

Sometimes when you’ve created content you realize it wasn’t quite as witty as you felt it was, or you found a typo, you want to make a change. Let’s edit some content.

Let’s go into Pages, click on the heading there, and list all the pages. I’m not really happy with the content in Joel’s New Page. Now I can either click on the title here, Joel’s New Page, or I can click the Edit button here. I’ve developed the habit of clicking Edit.

And here’s what’s on the page. How boring is that? You’ll notice here that that’s what the page says. I actually just gestured with my hand, in case you saw it. Let’s change that.

And we’ll update that. We edited the content. We come here and refresh this page and there it is!

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Editing a Page”.

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