Logging into the WordPress Dashboard – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

logging in to the WordPress dashboardFollowing is the transcription for the “Logging into the WordPress Dashboard” WordPress Video tutorial.

Howdy! Joel D Canfield here with another Spinhead Web Design WordPress Tutorial.

WordPress is great but to a beginner even the simplest things can be maddening. For instance, here’s my brand new WordPress site. How do I get in and do anything?

Well the default installation includes a log in link but you’re not going to want that on your final website, it doesn’t look good. I don’t think it does.

Go up to the address bar right here where you have the address of your blog and at the end of that type in “wp” (that stands for WordPress) “-admin”. That’s short for administration, administrator, something like that and press enter.

You’ll get a log in page prompt where you should try to remember everything. And log in. There you are at the Dashboard, ready to do stuff. I rarely log out but if you want to there’s a Log Out button right there and it takes you to the log in again and gives you the link back to your site.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Logging into the WordPress Dashboard”.

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