Marking Spam Comments – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

marking spam commentsFollowing is the transcription for the “Marking Spam Comments” video tutorial.

Hello! Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design, with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial.

When you log into the Dashboard, you might see Comments here, you should also see this comment bubble with the number of pending comments up above. WordPress can email you the comments but you can also come in here to manage them.

Go to Pending comments and you’ll notice that these sure look a lot like spam. You can just click the Spam button and they’ll go to the spam folder. You might not care to mark them spam in which case you can just trash them. You might discover that one of them is a real comment and you can approve it, you can reply from here, you can even edit the comments. We’re going to just mark those spam and then you can come into the spam folder, Empty your spam, pop into the Trash, Empty your trash, those things are still taking up space in your database until you’ve done that. And now the comment bubble shows that you don’t have any comments waiting.

Keep your comments cleaned up. In other tutorials we’ll talk about catching spam, managing comments in general.

Joel D Canfield,, with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Marking Spam Comments”.

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