Review your existing marketing collateral

The next step is to review any existing material you have that will help us get a feel for your business, products and/or services, for example company tagline, brochures, current advertising material, etc. Not only does this allow us to understand you better, but it’s an opportunity to review all these things to see if you’re painting a consistent picture for your perfect prospects.

Does it have a color theme? Is there a particular font that represents your business? Does your copy consistently display your personality? Is repeated information presented consistently? For instance, if you use a block of contact information, is it presented int the same format and font every time you use it?

Your website is going to be the first view many folks have of your business. If they don’t see a consistent personality in your marketing materials, it’s confusing, even if it’s unconscious. This ties back to your company’s personality: know it, emphasize it.

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