What are the basic goals of this website?

Any web person knows how to build your website. The tools are endless, the skillset easy to acquire, and the personality type common.

They can’t start work, though, without knowing what to build for you. And that, dear reader, depends entirely on why you need a website.

Doesn’t Everyone Need a Website?

“Waddya mean, why I need a website? Everyone needs a website.”

True, true. That’s not the point. The point is, your reason for your website determines how it will look, how it will function, and what it will say.

Which is pretty much all there is to a website.


How the website works, and much of the content, depends on what you’re hoping people will do when they arrive. Will they learn something? Buy something? Tell you something?

Think of everything you want visitors to do. Now, put them in order by importance to you.

Now, put them in order by importance to them.

Which makes more sense, what you want them to do, or what they want to do? I’ll say you need to find a way to align the two if they’re not already.

The purpose of the site should be for you to provide what they want. It’s about making a connection. Everything about the site needs to drive that purpose.


The look of the site and much of the content depend on how you want visitors to feel when they visit your site.

Excited? Smart? Relaxed? Hungry?

Making an emotional connection with your visitors is the most important tool in getting the outcomes you listed above, and getting them more than once, from repeat visits. People are far more emotional, much less logical than we like to admit.

Fill your site with the right emotional look and wording and people will connect with you in a way that’s hard to beat. Prices and competition have little effect on a strong personal connection. Make the other guys irrelevant by making that connection with your clients and prospects.

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