What are the two most important actions you want visitors to complete?

It’s rare that anyone would create a website without caring whether they had some effect on their readers. Since these posts are directed primarily to business owners, it’s especially important to know clearly what actions you want visitors to take.

Overall, your site can nudge visitors toward a number of actions, within two important guidelines:

  1. Each page should have one specific goal, one action for them to take. (Read Seth Godin’s The Big Red Fez to get this concept clear.)
  2. Every action should lead them toward the two most important actions.

Since we all know focus is so important, having one goal per page is obvious. But why two most important actions?

One for new visitors, one for repeat visitors.

It’s easy to be a kid in a candy store on the web. “Let’s have the website do everything!” No, let’s not. Focus creates the power of clarity. When you think through what’s most important to you, it helps us create a website focused on what you most want your visitors to do when they engage.

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