What results will make this website successful?

You have a much better chance of hitting a target if you

  • know what it is, and
  • aim at it.

There’s a balance between the corporate world’s need to measure and quantify everything, and the entrepreneur’s belief in winging it. Though the most important things in business can be hard to measure, finding a way to define “success” at least lets us know whether or not we’ve reached it. Failing to define in advance what success looks like is akin to driving off on vacation without deciding where you’ll go.

If success means sales, identify how many, how much. But don’t assume that the only benefit your website gives is money. Money can be farther downstream.

What about adding interested readers to your newsletter list? Being recognized as an expert in your field? Attracting the attention of a mentor you’d like to work with?

When you think you have this nailed down, go review your basic goals for the website. Do your goals line up with how you’ve defined success? These are two different questions for a reason: our irrational minds don’t always make this connection.

A well-designed and written website can accomplish much more than making money. Know, clearly, in advance what you define as success, within this particular scope.

Because when you know what the target is, it’s much easier to hit it.

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