Why do customers choose you?

What makes your business, products and services unique? What is your competitive advantage? Why do customers choose you?

The answer is probably not price, quality, or service.

While it may seem an odd thing for a web geek to say, the answer is almost certainly that your customers choose you because they like you.

Our brains are not the rational, logical decision-making machines we often think them to be. Instead, decisions are made in our emotional centers. Then we cast about for logical support for our emotional choice.

Don’t worry; this isn’t a bad system. It’s been working ever since human life began. It’s important to understand it, though, if you want to understand the real reason your suspects and prospects will choose you, as your current customers already have.

The single greatest human need today is to feel special and important to someone. Assuming your product or service has any value whatsoever, fill that need, and people will choose you.

How do you make the people you’d like to do business with feel special and important? How do you maintain that feeling throughout your interactions with them?

Don’t assume these need to be big things, or marvelously unique to you. Like clothing, relationships are held together, not with a few knots in a thick rope, but thousands of tiny stitches in fine thread. We don’t see the thread, only the clothing.

So it is with your connection to those you’d like to do business with. Weave the threads of generosity, good manners, punctuality, kindness, patience, and all the other virtues you can name, into your conversations with all you meet.

People will choose you because they like you, and they’re most likely to like you because you like them first.

Read about Carmel at The Story of Telling to see this in action.

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