WordPress Tutorial Video Transcription: Managing Links and Link Categories

managing linksWe are working on transcribing all the audio from our video tutorials. Following is the transcription for the Managing Links and Link Categories video tutorial.

On the web you’ve seen on various blogs the list of links to other sites. The default that comes installed with WordPress is links to other WordPress sites. The category they are all put in is called Blogroll. You might want different links and a different category or categories. So let’s go do that.

First let’s come into the dashboard and we’ll go to links and link categories. It’s easier to understand if we just create a category and then put links into it. So let’s put in Joel’s Sites and down here in Slug it’s just the same text. You use dashes for spaces. In fact you can put anything you want there; but web friendly so it doesn’t have punctuation.

We’ll add that category and now we have a new category. Let’s add a new category: other sites. We’ll add that category and then we’ll add a new link. Type in the name and the web address and a description. We can now add it to the correct category. Then click Add Link. Add a link to another category.

Then go to Links on the dashboard and you’ll see all those originally in the Blogroll plus those in our categories. To use links we’ll go in the dashboard to Appearance; then Widgets. Drag the Links widget over to the Main Sidebar on the right. We have options to show all links or just a category. There are other settings as well. Now click Save.

We can also add another set of Links and show those from another category if we like. Now we’ve gotten written of the default Blogroll category and created two categories of our own links with links in them. You can play around with links and categories and use them in various places.

Joel D Canfield, Spinhead.com with another WordPress tutorial.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Managing Links and Link Categories”.

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