WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding a Page

adding a pageFollowing is the transcription for the Adding a Page video tutorial.

Hi there! Joel D Canfield here with another Spinhead Web Design WordPress Tutorial.

We’ve already added some content, another blog post. Let’s add a page, something that will be a more permanent part of our website. Blog posts tend to be more ethereal and temporary. You write a post and as you write new stuff it gets pushed down the page and back into the archives. But pages should be around for a long time.

We’ll go to Pages, Add New, and we’ll give it a Title. And there are lots of things we can do, modify this page and change things around. But let’s go ahead and just publish that page. Ta da!

And now we go to the site, refresh it and there’s a new page.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adding a Page”.

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