WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding a Streaming Audio Player

streaming audio playerFollowing is the transcription to the WordPress Video Tutorial “Adding a Streaming Audio Player”.

Hi there! This is Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design. 

And today we’re going to add Streaming Audio to your WordPress site. Log into the dashboard, go to the Plugins page right there. Oh look, we’re already there. 

We’ll go to Add New and my favorite streaming audio plugin because it’s so simple, just search for wpaudio, all run together like that. WPaudio MP3 Player, and we’ll click Install Now and we’ll click Okay and say, well, yes, of course, that’s what we meant to do. 

We’ll Activate the Plugin and then we’ll go to Settings for WPaudio. And you would think, oh, it’s checked now because I accidentally installed this earlier. So it’ll convert every link to an mp3, to a streaming player.  And I also let my blog notify the creators of the plugin that I’m using it.

So we’ll Save those Changes and then we’ll add a new post.

And I will name it after a song that I wrote for Sue and link it to an mp3. You notice that’s just some text and if I go back to visual it’s just some text that’s a link to an mp3, which wouldn’t normally create a streaming player; it would just open it in your browser.  But let’s go look at the post. There’s the post. There we go, sometimes it doesn’t activate right away. We click on the link and it will start playing the song, streaming it, and also give the option to Download.

And there you have it! Streaming audio on your blog.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adding a Streaming Audio Player”.

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