WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding New Tools (Plugins)

adding new toolsFollowing is the transcription for the Adding New Tools (Plugins) video tutorial.

So now we’re going to install a Plugin.

We’re at Andrew’s pembrokeshirepaths.co.uk site.

We’re logged in. We’re going to go to Plugins, Add New, and now because I know the name of the plugin, we’ll just type that in there. We could also search by the Author’s Name or some Tag, Terms, the most general search. Or you can choose from the list down here.

You can choose some of the Recently Updated, Popular, Newest. Look through the Popular ones, they’re plenty of useful plugins there.

We search for this plugin, there it is, Rhys Wynne’s WP Email Capture. Click the Install button. Seems to work with our version. Has lots of great ratings. It’s installed.

And let’s go ahead and Activate it. And then, next time, we’ll be able to set all of the settings for it.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adding New Tools (Plugins)”.

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