WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adjusting Theme Options

adjusting theme optionsFollowing is the transcription for the Adjusting Theme Options video tutorial.

Hello! Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial. Today we’re going to play around with Theme Options a little bit.

Most themes come with a few options that you can change. If we go to Appearance, Themes, we’ll play around with these just a little bit for fun. Let’s look at the Background. This is the 2011 default theme. We’ll change the background.

You can change the background color from that pale gray to some completely different color. Let’s go for a nice green, save the change. Pop over and there we have it.

Wanna set it back? Click Default, change it, and you’re back. You may want to have a tiled background of some kind. I’m uploading this file, a scan of an old pair of jeans I used to wear. We save that, and ta da! We have a denim background now instead.

We can also change the Header. We can choose one header of all of these and make it fixed. We can have it as it is right now: Random. We can Remove the Header Image completely, or you can set create your own image for this theme, it would be 1000 pixels wide by 288 pixels tall. Find a local file and upload that and that becomes your theme’s header.

Themes have other options sometimes that are built in. It all depends on the theme. So play around with your Theme Options. You can always put things back the way they were.

Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial at Spinhead Web Design.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adjusting Theme Options”.

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