WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Applying a New Theme

applying a new themeFollowing is the transcription for the Applying a New Theme Video Tutorial.

Hello there! Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead Web Design WordPress Tutorial. Today we’re going to change the theme.

This 2011 theme is nice enough but it’s the default. Let’s change it. So we’ll log in by going to our domain name/wp-admin and log in. Don’t peek.

We’ll dismiss the just installed. To change the theme, we’re going to go to Appearance and then Themes. The theme just determines essentially what your site will look like. Notice here’s the 2011 theme that we already have active. Here’s another theme, it comes installed, the 2010 theme. You can get a Live Preview of it to see what it would look like on your site, and if you like how it looks, you can Activate the theme and now when we go to the website, refresh the page, and brand new theme!

Joel D Canfield, Spinhead WordPress Tutorials at Spinhead Web Design.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Applying a New Theme”.

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