WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Backing Up Your Database

backing up your databaseFollowing is the transcription for the Backing Up Your Database video tutorial.

Hello again. Joel D Canfield with another WordPress Video Tutorial: Backing up your database.

Assuming that you have these same tools, if you’ve got, for instance the configuration I set up for you, first log in to your control panel and scroll down to Databases and choose the tool “phpMyAdmin” right there.

And you’ll see this or something very much like it with a list of your databases here. Choose the database that you want to export, that you want to backup. Normally all of your WordPress database will be in one place. I have a lot of WordPress databases. Choose Export, and all the options will be just fine. Leave them alone. Make sure Save as File is checked and click Go. It’ll give you a “.SQL”, a SQL Script File that you can save somewhere safe – that’s what Save means and use that later to restore things if stuff blows up.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Backing Up Your Database”.

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