WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Changing the Font Color

changing font colorsFollowing is the transcription for the “Changing the Font Color” WordPress Video tutorial.

Hello! Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial. Today we’re going to change a color.

You can do all kinds of things on the backend of WordPress, playing with the CSS. This requires that you can find out exactly what something is called. For instance, I need to know how the code refers to this paragraph to be able to find it and change its color, then you also need to know the color codes to change things too. I know those things and I can teach you that another time but for now, if you already know those things, what you’d like to change and how you’d like to change it – pop into the Dashboard. Go to Appearance and Editor, where we already were.

And now I’m going to find that place, this is where that’s determined, and instead of that pale, fairly dark gray, I’m going to change this to something I know is a nice dark blue. So I’ve just changed the color of all of the standard text on the site. That’s very subtly different but it’s different. Let’s make it really, really different. You’ll be able to see that really well because I’m changing it to bright red just so you can see what changes.

We refresh the page and there it is. Even the italic text picks that up. You’ll notice the headers don’t, the navigation doesn’t, this footer down here, this link, those things don’t change because we only changed one type of text.

All those other things are changeable if we find the right place in the code to do it. That’s a more advanced tutorial that we’ll get to some other time but for now, we’ll change that back. That’s a quick update on how to make a basic CSS change in the backend of your site.

Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Changing the Font Color”.

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