Work Smart.
Be Nice.
Give More.

Whether you need a new website, a redesign, or an advocate to help you navigate the process of working with your current designer and technical people, I can help.

You can find better coders. You can find better artists.

But nobody explains tech to non-technical people better than I do. Nobody can help you understand the decisions you're making and how to use the tools at your disposal the way I can.

When Spinhead Web Design launched in 1999, I already had 4 years of experience with web technologies and 20 years of experience with computers before that. I've worked with computers for nearly 45 years; it was my father's career.

I know what it takes to start a business from nothing, to keep it going when the economy dips. In 20 years I've worked hard, stuck it out, and made it past the hardest parts.

This level of expertise in web design, business operations, and marketing could be used to attract clients who'd pay 5-digit prices for my work.

I don't want to do that. I'd rather work with you.

It’s more gratifying, more fun, to work with a small business, just getting started or struggling to take the next step. It means more to me to pay it forward, giving you access to top quality skills you couldn't otherwise afford.


Brea’s site needed a complete overhaul and a move to new hosting, but first we did the urgent work of repairing her existing site.