Making Your URLs Readable – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

URLsFollowing is the transcription for the Making Your URLs Readable WordPress video tutorial.

You’ll notice here at Pembrokeshire Paths, if we go to for instance Guided Walks, Cliffs, Coves and Celtic Saints. See the address here, in the address bar? It’s ugly. So let’s go fix that in the WordPress admin tool under Settings – Permalinks.

We’re going to change the permalinks from the default which is bugly, to Month and Name. There are a number of other options but I like Month and Name. It gives you the full path with a year, a month, and then the name of the post and it’s supposed to be day and name, I like day and name. Month and name? Your choice. You can include the date or you can include just the month. Let’s go with Day and Name. Save the changes, come back and refresh, come back and actually don’t refresh the page, because that link won’t work anymore. Go back to that page and suddenly our address looks so much better.

It’s got Guided Walks, the top menu and Cliffs, Coves and Celtic Saints, the rest of the address.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Making Your URLs Readable”.

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