Never Let the Mechanic Keep Your Keys

they're your keys!You would never give your only set of car keys to your mechanic, and then assume they’d be available any time you want to drive your car.

Why would you allow your web person to be the only one with full access to your web tools?

It’s great to have someone doing the geekery for you. Sue even takes phone calls from clients, transcribes them, then posts them on their blog as part of our monthly maintenance package.

But every single client has access, not just to the admin tools in WordPress, but their hosting account as well.

What Not to Do

We just unlocked the admin account for a client of a client. Their web person was the only administrator in WordPress, and they disappeared. Gone. Poof. The client couldn’t do anything but write drafts on their own blog. Couldn’t post them. Couldn’t add another user. Couldn’t do anything to actually manage their website.

No matter who sets up your site, whether it’s us or another web pro or your cousin’s neighbor’s kid, make absolutely sure you have full access to everything.

And then be absolutely sure you don’t break nothin’ ’cause web people hate it when folks break stuff.

How Will You Know?

Ask us.

If you suspect, for any reason, that you don’t have all the access you should, ask us. We’ll review how things are set up and confirm things with your web person (in a friendly nonconfrontational manner, I promise) to be sure you have access and complete control, just in case you should ever need it.

And how’s this: no charge.

What If It’s Too Late?

“They’re already gone and I can’t get in and there’s spam and old posts and we’re all GONNA DIE!

Take a deep breath. Let it out. Dial the phone, take another deep breath, and tell us what’s wrong. We’ll fix it. (The number is 715.296.0347)

This, however: not free. Our minimum fee for one-off projects is $250.

Probably in your best interest to check before the meltdown.

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