Remove the Site Title and Description – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

remove the site title and descriptionFollowing is the transcription for the “Remove the site title and description” video tutorial.

Sometimes you want to remove the name of the site and the site description from this header area. It’s done approximately the same way on all themes. This is the default 2010 theme but this involves going into the code of the site. You should really create a child theme which is way beyond the scope of a simple tutorial, and you should never edit the code of a theme. So I’m breaking a lot of rules here but it’s my website, I’m allowed to.

We’re going to go to in the Dashboard, Appearance, Editor. We’re going to find the header right here, and then the place where that is created is down here in the branding area right there. We’re going to just select everything from here through here, all of that. Where we’re creating a heading tag, where we’re putting in the site title and making it a link, where we’re adding the site description, we’re just going to make that go away. Scroll down, update that, refresh our page, and it’s gone. Just the image and then the menu.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Remove the site title and description”.

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