Removing Comment Form from a Page – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

removing comment formFollowing is the transcription for the “Removing comment form from a page” video tutorial.

Click on a page on your website and scroll down and look. Leave a comment on a page.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave that enabled. I don’t usually have people comment on my pages, just on the posts.

So let’s go into the Dashboard, go to Appearance, Editor. Now we’re going into Edit Code so you should always edit a child theme, create a child theme, don’t edit the code in your real theme. But for today, this is what we’re doing. I’m allowed to, it’s my site.

The default theme 2011 has the code in the page template right here where it calls the comments_template. If we just get rid of that, update the file, refresh the page and no comments. Now if we switch to the 2010 theme it has it in a slightly different place but you’ll see it’s the same code. If we come to the loop that creates each page, we scroll down here: php comments_template, remove that and again comments are gone from your page.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Removing comment form from a page”.

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