Website Consulting, Design, and Hosting

Web Services

From a basic WordPress installation for you to customize and populate to a custom web tool to organize massive amounts of data, I want to build what you need.

You probably just need a regular old website. That's what I do the most.

If you find all this tech stuff confusing, I want to help. Read the sidebar under My Promise to You and then get in touch. I'll answer all your questions and help you make the best decisions about your website.


  • Bare bones WordPress installation $350
  • Bare bones WordPress installation with purchase of our hosting: $100
  • Custom websites starting from $600
  • Web project management $500/day, 2-day minimum
  • Complete web strategy starting from $2,000

All my pricing is negotiable, within reason.

Other Services

We provide managed hosting using at Charlottezweb, the best hosting on the web. Managed hosting means we keep your site backed up and generally trouble free. Managed hosting is $125 per year and can include a bare bones WordPress installation.

We can help you find the right domain name. Domains are $25 per domain per year for the first, then $20 for the second domain or year, and $15 per year or domain after that. (For example, 2 domains for 2 years would be $25 for the first domain for the first year, $20 for the second domain for the first year, and $15 each for the second years, for a total of $75. Don't worry, we'll explain it all clearly when we talk.)

If you already have a domain name we can use that. If you already have hosting, we can use that, but we’ll give you your first year of hosting at a discount ($75) if you let us move your site to our preferred hosting.

  • WordPress updates and maintenance starting at $100/month for almost anything you'll ever need.
  • Advice about all things web and technology
  • Data services: custom web tools, sorting and filtering large amounts of data
  • Logo design
  • Image creation and editing
  • Audio and video editing and manipulation, including extracting audio from video files and transcription to text
  • Newsletter template creation
  • Self publishing consulting
  • Small business consulting
  • Marketing consulting
  • Custom music for videos or other uses


Justin Grinder
Golden State Outdoorsman

Justin Grinder of Golden State Outdoorsman was a favorite client of ours for some time. His enthusiastic appreciation probably had something to do with that. Here are three of the 100+ emails Justin has sent, virtually all of which include the word 'awesome', which Justin uses in a way that shows he really means it.