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The first question everyone asks is “How much does a website cost?” The answer used to be “it depends” — until now.

Ready, Set, Go! Instant Blogging Kit Completely Custom Theme
eBook Conversion No surprise rate chart

No surprises. We think that’s a good thing.


Included in all packages:

  • The latest version of WordPress
  • All the plugins and tools we use on our own WordPress websites
  • 1st year of hosting
  • Domain name, if you don’t have one
  • Our unique questionnaire to help you create your website’s content
  • Access to our custom WordPress tutorials
  • “Do-it-yourself” updates using WordPress

Ready, Set, Go! Instant Blogging Kit

Ready Set Go

Instant Blogging


How would you like to have a ready-to-use no-brainer zero-hassle blog and website?

What if it included hosting for a year including babysitting all the WordPress security updates, your own domain name, and WordPress professionally installed, including all the plugins and setup I normally do for myself?

And even better: we’ll hand you the keys in 2 business days. (It’ll probably be even sooner, but we won’t make a promise we can’t keep, and once in a great while, some of the bits take 24 hours to happen.)

That’s it: everything you need to get blogging and build your own website, for $300.


The Completely Custom Package


  • Adding your content to the site
  • Your unique custom theme, designed just the way you want it
  • Practical marketing and writing advice for your content to help your perfect prospects find you on the web and be motivated to engage (based on our Interactive Quick Start Guide; check it out!)

Get 25% Off With the Bring Your Own Design Package

Includes everything in the Completely Custom package. Bring us the look and feel of your website in a ready-to-use Photoshop file, and we’ll create a custom WordPress theme from it. Same service as our most expensive package, but for 25% off. We’ll even work with your designer on technical issues.


The Ready, Set, Go! Instant Blogging Kit is $300, paid in advance.

The Completely Custom package requires a $1,000 deposit. When the look and feel of your custom theme is established, another $750 will be due. After the content is added and all the details polished, the final $250 will be due.

The Bring Your Own Design package requires a $750 deposit. Once the theme is created and installed, another $500 will be due. After the content is added and all the details polished, the final $250 will be due.

Ongoing Costs

After the first year, hosting will be $125, paid in advance. Quarterly payments of $35 can also be arranged.

We can maintain your website’s content and perform all updates to WordPress for $100/month in most cases. Custom modifications can be quoted as needed.

A sample of our contract is available to download. Please note this is a sample only. Details may vary depending on your needs.

Website Planning Questionnaire

To develop a clear idea of what you need and want on your website, we ask you to print and fill out our Web Planning Questionnaire. Your answers will provide a solid foundation to begin creating a web presence tailored to your specific needs and personality.


Let Us Create Your eBook

Is Your Book on Kindle or Nook Yet?

When your fans ask for the Kindle or Nook version of your book, how do you feel when you have to tell them “I’m working on it” ? That only works so long before they lose interest—and you lose a sale.

Did you know that even folks without a Kindle or Nook can buy and read the digital version? Since Amazon offers a free Kindle reader for PCs, Macs, and most smart phones and Nook does the same, the market for digital books is far greater than the number of Kindle or Nook owners.

Don’t lose out on sales because your book isn’t digital-ready. Forget about solving the mysteries of electronic publishing formats and understanding Amazon and Nook’s technical requirements. If you have an electronic copy of your book, we can convert it for Kindle and Nook quickly and painlessly.

Quality Conversion to Kindle and Nook at a Fair Price

Our background in digital technology and with modern publishing uniquely qualifies us to make the digital version of your book the highest quality it can be.

Joel and his band of merry code-converters at Spinhead readily sliced and diced my novel’s manuscript (plus its added images) into the proper parts that make up an ebook whole. They made quick and clean work to produce a Kindle, Nook and general epub versions of my work, which were easily uploaded to the respective venues.

They were also on the spot (and spot-on) in answering my questions quickly and accurately. Five-star service, with all the trimmin’s. (I hear Joel makes good bread too.)

Tom Bentley
Author of All Roads Are Circles
The Write Word

Here’s our favorite part: the price won’t even be a surprise. For $125 plus 1/10 cent per word and $5 per image (after the cover image, which is included free) we’ll take care of all the details including both Kindle and ePub versions. For a 20,000-word book, that’s under $150 total; for a 50,000-word book it’s still under $200. Call, email contact@spinhead.com, or use the contact form to get started right away.

And if your book isn’t completed yet (or even if it’s not started yet) we can still help. Visit Someday Box Independent Publishing today. Let’s get your book out of the “someday” box!

Examples of Our Work

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Schedule of Rates

Description Cost
Ready, Set, Go!
Instant Blogging Kit
Custom Site $2,000
Bring Your Own Design $1,500
Domain Name $25
1 domain for 1 year
2nd Domain Name
or 2nd Year
2 domains or 2 years
paid at the same time
Hosting $125/year
Monthly Maintenance starting at $100
per month
Digital Book Conversion $125 + $0.001/word