Static Home Page Instead of Blog – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

static home page instead of a blogFollowing is the transcription for the “Static Home Page Instead of Blog” video tutorial.

Let’s make a static home page instead of the blog home page. First we’ll go to Pages, and Add New, and we’ll just call this My New Home Page. “It is all staticy.” That’s not how you spell “staticy” but I don’t care.

So we’ll publish this and of course later that page title will become a problem in menus and things. We’ll deal with that another time. We’ll also create a blank page called blog. Again title doesn’t matter in this case but we’ve got to have a blank page, don’t put anything in it.

Now we go to Settings, Reading, and that’s why this can be hard to find. It’s under Reading. Choose the Front Page Displays a Static Page so that would be my new home page and our posts will go to the blank page we call blog and WordPress figures out on its own how to do that.

Save the changes and now we go to the home page and there’s our staticy home page and the blog lives over there. There you go. Reading Settings, change it to a static home page.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Static Home Page Instead of Blog”.

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