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Using WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of plugins available for your WordPress site. A plugin can expand the functionality of your website. You can find plugins at the official WordPress Plugin Directory. Once you’ve added a plugin to your site, you’ll need to … Continue reading

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WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding New Tools (Plugins)

Following is the transcription for the Adding New Tools (Plugins) video tutorial. So now we’re going to install a Plugin. We’re at Andrew’s pembrokeshirepaths.co.uk site. We’re logged in. We’re going to go to Plugins, Add New, and now because I … Continue reading

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What tools does your website need?

This is the place where we get to dream big. Because WordPress has add-ons called plugins for almost any kind of application, think about everything you wish you or a visitor could do at your website. There’s probably a plugin … Continue reading

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Stop Fussing About a Theme and Focus on Plugins

The late Michael Been, bass playing singer/songwriter for The Call, knew how to focus on what matters.

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