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WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding New Tools (Plugins)

Following is the transcription for the Adding New Tools (Plugins) video tutorial. So now we’re going to install a Plugin. We’re at Andrew’s pembrokeshirepaths.co.uk site. We’re logged in. We’re going to go to Plugins, Add New, and now because I … Continue reading

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What do you like about your current website?

If you already have a website which you’d like updated, or rebuilt from the ground up, it’s helpful, obviously, to know what you still like about it. Colors, layout, wording, images, tools: any element we’ve discussed so far which still … Continue reading

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What tools does your website need?

This is the place where we get to dream big. Because WordPress has add-ons called plugins for almost any kind of application, think about everything you wish you or a visitor could do at your website. There’s probably a plugin … Continue reading

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Stop Fussing About a Theme and Focus on Plugins

The late Michael Been, bass playing singer/songwriter for The Call, knew how to focus on what matters.

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Planning Your New or Redesigned Website

Whether you want a new website, want to improve your existing website, or are ready to redesign your existing website, the following provides information found on our Web Planning Questionnaire and will help you get started on planning your website. … Continue reading

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