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Your Blog Doesn’t Need to Be a Blog

Websites often have a blog where someone regularly posts new articles. Perhaps you don’t feel you need a blog. However, you may still be able to incorporate the blog concept into your website. Some ideas for your blog page could … Continue reading

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WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding a Streaming Audio Player

Following is the transcription to the WordPress Video Tutorial “Adding a Streaming Audio Player”. Hi there! This is Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design.  And today we’re going to add Streaming Audio to your WordPress site. Log into the dashboard, … Continue reading

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Website Assessment for Spinhead by Split Strategy

Our good friend Mat Fitzgerald of Split Strategy recently offered a full review of the Spinhead Web Design website and we took him up on it. Mat provided a thorough assessment of the website including page by page design and … Continue reading

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13 Years of Web Design for Spinhead

13 years ago Joel registered the domain name spinhead.com on February 8, 1999. It’s the one domain name we hang on to no matter what. If you ever want to find us, just Google ‘spinhead’. We can also be found … Continue reading

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What do you dislike about your current website?

If we’re designing a website to replace your current site, knowing which elements bother you most gives us even more insight into your needs and thinking than the elements you still like.

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What tools does your website need?

This is the place where we get to dream big. Because WordPress has add-ons called plugins for almost any kind of application, think about everything you wish you or a visitor could do at your website. There’s probably a plugin … Continue reading

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Mad Colors and Courier Font

When I first created this look in 2002, the reactions I got surprised me. In the 10 years since then I’ve learned a lot about what people expect, how we connect, and where the two cross over—and that, sometimes, they … Continue reading

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