Using Multiple Addresses in One Gmail Account – WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription

emailFollowing is the transcription for the “Using Multiple Addresses in One Gmail Account” video tutorial.

Your Gmail mail is different but I’m going to Mail Settings, Accounts, and then down here, Add Another Email Address You Own.

Farther below is stuff about check mail using POP, things like that. We don’t want to go there. No, no, no.

Add another email address you own.

Box pops up, and you’ll put in the address and now I’ll probably get some kind of an error.

And then you can set it up to send through your email.

Click the Next button, it will send confirmation codes and things like that.

And then from there the process should be self evident.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Using Multiple Addresses in One Gmail Account”.

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