Using WordPress Plugins

Using WordPress plugins

There are thousands of plugins available for your WordPress site. A plugin can expand the functionality of your website. You can find plugins at the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

Once you’ve added a plugin to your site, you’ll need to activate it. There may be settings you’ll need to configure as well. Periodically plugins may be updated and you’ll need to update them at your site as well. It’s always possible an update to a plugin may change the way your site works so it’s a good idea to backup your site before updating a plugin. Once you’ve updated the plugin check that it and your site work as you expected.

If you’re no longer using a plugin and have deactivated it, you should delete it.

Some of the plugins we use and recommend are:

  • Jetpack is full of useful features
  • Akismet checks for spam comments
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO
  • WP-Optimize allows you to extensively clean up your WordPress database and optimize it without doing manual queries
  • Broken link checker finds broken links and missing images and notifies you if any are found
  • WPaudio MP3 Player allows you to play mp3s and podcasts in posts with the simplest, cleanest, easiest mp3 player.

What are your favorite plugins?

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