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Website Checkup

You can't see your own website objectively. Visitors won't tell you about hidden problems, they'll just leave. My decades of experience have taught me what's important about websites. My checkup will expose challenges, large and small, which can be fixed to create a better experience for your visitors.

Within a week you'll get a thorough report listing every issue on your website, rated by severity.

Here's what I'll check:

Does it work?
Navigation, links, images, general usability, mobile-friendly
Is it optimized?
Images and code
Is it secure?
For you and your visitors
Is it good marketing?
Clarity, purpose, and connection through text, images, and more
Is it fresh?
The best SEO is fresh content

I'm Sold! Where Do We Start?

Excellent! Get in touch and we'll gather your information and arrange payment. Within a week, you'll be on your way to a better overall web experience.


I get it. You’re busy. You don’t have time to fuss with all this web stuff. And why should you trust some stranger just because he says he can help?

Let me show you.

Get in touch with your website address. I’ll find one thing you can improve—and tell you how to do it.

No charge. No pitch. Just free practical help.

Like I say in the sidebar: I want your success more than your money. I would rather give you free advice then see you make mistakes you can’t afford.

You have my word.