What three words or phrases would someone type into a search engine to find your website?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is every web company’s favorite buzz word. Here’s the short and sweet truth about SEO:

For “search engine” read “Google.” They own the premier search algorithms, and any other search engine is simply trying to reflect what Google does.

And what Google does is to help human readers find the content they were looking for. That’s all. Google isn’t trying to help you sell widgets. It’s not trying to help illicit businesses trick the unwary into embarrassing situations. Just, help people find stuff.

If your website has content that is easy to find, and worth finding, that is the best search engine optimization.

SEO should be baked in, not poured on top. When we know the unique phrases you’ve built into your marketing so your perfect prospects recognize you when they find you, we can build those phrases into your website’s copy in a natural way which is meaningful to humans and helpful to Google.

“But we don’t have any ‘unique phrases’ about us in our marketing!” you cry plaintively.

You should. You should own certain phrases, so that, for instance, when someone hears “web design for the real world” they’ll think about Spinhead. When someone thinks about getting their book out of the “someday” box, they’ll think about my author coaching services.

Find a unique way to express how your business makes your clients’ dreams come true. Bake that into all your marketing—including your website.

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