What tools does your website need?

what tools does your website need?This is the place where we get to dream big. Because WordPress has add-ons called plugins for almost any kind of application, think about everything you wish you or a visitor could do at your website. There’s probably a plugin for it.

At the very least, your website should have a contact form which emails a visitor’s contact information and comments to you. You should also include a sign-up form for your newsletter. But there’s more:

There are popular WordPress plugins for

  • photo galleries
  • connecting to your social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter
  • tracking visits to your site
  • allowing visitors to subscribe to your new blog posts by email
  • creating a discussion forum
  • performing backups and other maintenance on your website
  • and more

Dream big. Most of what you imagine is probably already programmed, ready to use.

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