Face it. You don’t have fifteen grand for an interactive animated 3D website. You don’t even want one. You just know that if you’re not on the web, you’re missing out on something big. We can help.

Spinhead specializes in web design for the real world. Straightforward informational marketing, the way you already do it—tweaked to fit a medium you can’t ignore.

Leave it to the corporate giants to plow fifteen (or even a hundred and fifty) grand into their websites. You’ve got a budget. We’re okay with that. Let’s get your name on the web where it can be seen. Let’s get your message to every single person who can benefit from the great services and products you have to offer.

Let’s do it without breaking the bank.

At Spinhead we know that you already have a plan. And you know that better marketing means growth. Not necessarily just getting bigger, but getting more gravy and less cold vegetables. As your company grows, we can grow with you. We promise to do it your way. We don’t have any preconceived notions about how it’s done—except that we don’t like cold vegetables, either.

We’ve Been Doing This a Long Time

Joel D Canfield, Owner
Joel D Canfield
Sue L Canfield, General Manager
Sue L Canfield
General Mgr
I’ve been in the computer industry for 40 years, and in web design since 1996. Sue and I have experience with both hardware and software; homemade and off–the–shelf packages; small businesses and large corporations.

Even before the age of the web, we were helping small businesses get organized with database technology. I bring my database expertise to the web, allowing you access to information architecture skills normally found only in larger design houses. This allows us to provide a more technically advanced website for the small business entrepreneur, or, if your needs are less complex, to more efficiently create a simpler site.

The Rest of the Team

Jeremy Janelle, Creative Specialist
Jeremy Janelle
James Ashman, Tech Specialist
James Ashman

We are a family-owned business and our other team members include Sue’s son, James, and her cousin’s husband, Jeremy.

Jeremy Janelle is our creative specialist. Jeremy is interested in making things look good, whether it’s taking your ideas and making them a reality or offering suggestions for a better site.

In 1999 Jeremy received an Associates Degree in Multimedia and has since used the skills he has learned in the fields of Video Production, Web Design & Graphic Design.

Most Recently Jeremy worked with PetSmart Corporate Headquarters in Phoenix for nearly 8 years. He helped design corporate communication signage and mailings for events on campus.

He has a passion for anything to do with design and enjoys being a part of a project where design is taken seriously.

James Ashman is our technical specialist. He also provides content management, editing services and social media services. James has been working with Spinhead Web Design for nearly 10 years. He also has written a novel for young adults.

We Understand Your Needs

As small business owners ourselves, we’re familiar with the challenges you’re facing. We’re looking forward to learning how you do business so we can most effectively share our skills.

Get the Guide

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