Why is it that so many Internet-related companies treat you as if you have no choices? Simple changes can take weeks to implement. With more complex issues it can be frustrating and bewildering to get anything done on your website.

You do have a choice.

Declaration of Intent

We are not about money.

We only charge for our services because, like you, we have to eat.

We keep our word.

The trust of our clients is our most valuable asset.
Just ask them.

We will never push or pitch.

We would rather lose a sale than sell you something you don’t need.

We want your success more than your money.

We would rather give you free advice than see you make mistakes you can’t afford.

At Spinhead we pride ourselves in our

Customer service is an integral part of good business. Your customers expect you to care for them, not just to sell them goods or services. You know that it’s just good business sense to provide the best customer service possible because customer satisfaction means customer retention, repeat sales, and fewer headaches for everyone.

So why is it that so many Internet-related companies treat you as if you have no choices? Simple changes can take weeks to implement. With more complex issues it can be frustrating and bewildering to get anything done on your corporate intranet or website.

You do have a choice.

Business thrives because of customers. It’s an old-fashioned concept that still works. We take a personal interest in every project, in every customer. But this old-fashioned attitude about customer service doesn’t mean old-fashioned ideas; Spinhead has the up-to-date skills necessary to provide you with the best technology and superior customer service at the same time, including access to a world-wide network of skilled technicians in every web and computer discipline.

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Our Clients Love Us

Let Them Tell You Why

We firmly believe that our clients are the final judge of our service. Over 90% of our work comes from word-of-mouth, client referrals.

We think that speaks for itself, but we’ll let some of our clients have the last word.

Kerri Hollingsworth

“A HUGE thanks to Joel and Sue of Spinhead Web Design for creating a website I am proud to show off to my customers. From start to finish their attention to detail, communication, professionalism, patience and assistance in teaching me wordpress has been second to none! I had an idea in my head from the start and they did everything they could to make it work effectively. No question or concern of mine was left unanswered and they assured me from the start that they are not finished until I was 100% satisfied with the new website – Fantastic customer service. Thanks Joel, Sue and team, I am incredibly grateful!”

‘Yo Pal’ Hal Elrod
The Miracle Morning

Sacramento based motivational speaker and author Hal Elrod needed an exciting new home for his Miracle Morning website. Hal’s a pretty proactive guy and wanted a blog and site he could update on his own. We created a completely customised WordPress installation which gives him all the benefits of a completely hand-coded site and all the WordPress tools as well.

Larry Brooks
Story Fix

“Many thanks to Joel and Jeremy at Spinhead Web Design for their genius, skill, commitment and generous spirit. Free story coaching for life, guys!”

Kari Hagensmith
Speaker’s Secret Weapon

“I have known the Canfields for several years now and have always appreciated their integrity plus I just plain like them. I have also had the pleasure of working with them on a few projects and the patience I am met with is always refreshing. I catch on well in some areas but definitely not well in some. Joel always makes it easy for me to understand and gives me the ability to take on what I want to learn and simply do what I don’t really want to learn.”

Susan Mayfield
Reduce the Chaos

Susan Mayfield needed the content of her existing site transferred to a similar WordPress theme in a very limited amount of time and on a limited budget. Her emails express her complete satisfaction.

Date: Fri, 20 Aug 2010
From: Susan Mayfield
Subject: Testimonial for web site
To: sue@spinhead.com

Joel Canfield of Spinhead Web Design and Sue Canfield of ChiefVirtualOfficer.com are wonderful to work with. My website needed to be moved in under 3 weeks and I didn’t have the time or expertise to do it myself quickly, or a large budget.

The same day I called they started work on the new website and completed the project in less than a week. They answered my questions and kept in touch with me throughout the process. The website looks fantastic! It is exactly what I wanted and they took the time to match the colors from my previous site. Looking forward to working with them on future projects and upgrades to my website. Thank you Joel and Sue!

Susan Mayfield

Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010
From: Susan Mayfield
Subject: WordPress site finished
To: sue@spinhead.com

HOORAYYY!!! Happy Dance time! The site looks wonderful, you did an awesome job. Thanks again, you guys are amazing!

Susan Mayfield

Justin Grinder
Golden State Outdoorsman

Justin Grinder of Golden State Outdoorsman has been a favorite client of ours for some time. His enthusiastic appreciation probably has something to do with that. Here are three of the 100+ emails Justin has sent, virtually all of which include the word ‘awesome’, which Justin uses in a way that shows he really means it.

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008
From: Justin Grinder
Subject: web site

To: joel@spinhead.com

I am very excited about the web site…. You have done a awesome job with everything and i am very impressed with the way things have turned out…. You have done an awesome job. . . . Joel, you have done and awesome job, i cant state that enough… I am just very excited about this and I hope I have not bombed you with info…….

Thanks for the help, I apprecitate it…


From: Justin Grinder
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 5:42 PM
To: Joel D Canfield
Subject: logo, first draft


That is awesome…… that is exactly what I was thinking in my mind when I pictured what I wanted in my head….. This is going to be the one………. I love this logo, you have done an awesome job……Awesome job, keep up the great work


From Justin Grinder
to Joel Canfield
date Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 7:07 PM

Joel… man, you are awesome… I mean awesome… that is exactly what I wanted and more…. awesome job!!!!!!!!!

thank you so much for working with me on this…. We should not need anymore changes, as it looks perfect and performs flawless…

You are awesome, thank you so much for taking time to help me..as you know I appreciate it


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