WordPress Tutorial Video Transcription: Changing Basic Widget Settings

widget_settingsWe are working on transcribing all the audio from our video tutorials. Following is the transcription for the Changing Basic Widget Settings video tutorial.

Today we’re going to modify widget settings such as Pages, Categories, Recent Comments, Recent Posts, Top Posts & Pages. Widgets usually have options we can configure. Categories for instance. We can give that a title so let’s call it Blog Categories. We can check all the options, Save, and see what they do.

Now at the website it says Blog Categories and instead of a list it’s a drop down and it’s got the number of posts in that category.

Recent Comments – again we can title it to whatever we want and save it. We go back over to the website and now the Comments are titled something different. Every widget has configurable options, usually at least the title.

Play around with widgets. Learn how to configure their options. Remember, if you want to remove a widget temporarily but keep the settings, drag it down to Inactive Widgets. If you want to remove a widget and get rid of it completely, drag it back to the Widgets section on the left. Go back to your website and you’ll see the widget is gone.

Joel D Canfield, Spinhead.com with another WordPress Tutorial.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Changing basic widget settings”.

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