WordPress Tutorial Video Transcription: Updating WordPress (back up your database and theme folder first!)

updating wordpressWe are working on transcribing all the audio from our video tutorials. Following is the transcription for the Updating WordPress video tutorial.

If you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, you’ve seen the message “WordPress 3.5 (or other version) is available! Please update now.” But before you update be sure you backup your database and your theme. I’ve never had a problem updating WordPress. That doesn’t mean I never will. That doesn’t mean you won’t. Whether you use plugins or do it the geeky way through FTP and database tools, back up your database and your theme before you do this update.

Once you’ve backed everything up, click the link to update on your dashboard, then click Update Now. Wait patiently while it is downloaded, unzipped, and applied. Then read all the fascinating information about the new version. In a day or two you can delete that backup if you like. Enjoy your new updated, upgraded version of WordPress.

Joel D Canfield with another WordPress tutorial from Spinhead.com.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Updating WordPress (back up your database and theme folder first!)”.

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