WordPress Tutorials: All the Transcriptions (And All Your Questions)

We’re hiring someone to finish transcribing the WordPress video tutorials. My book shepherding is picking up, and if this important task is going to be done we’ll have to outsource it.

Watch each Monday for another WordPress tutorial video’s transcription. You can also go watch all the videos without transcription right now, if you like.

And if you have questions about how to do something in WordPress, just ask. If it’s core WordPress stuff, I’ll create a video just for you, then share it here. The more lessons we teach, the better we all are.

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11 Responses to WordPress Tutorials: All the Transcriptions (And All Your Questions)

  1. lpaulick says:

    Hey Joel! This is so excellent. Something I’ve never been able to find is how to change fonts or the size of the font. Do you have a tutorial or know of a place to find this elsewhere? I really appreciate your help. lp

    • Good question, Lynnelle. I’ll do a video, but here’s the short answer:

      When you’re composing or editing a post in “Visual” mode, which is the default, setting, there’s a formatting bar above the composing window (where you type.)

      At the right end of the formatting bar is a little icon that looks like a bunch of buttons in a box. It’s called “The Kitchen Sink.” Click that, and another whole row of options pops up. One of them, at the far left, lets you change font face and size.

      I always control those things in code, because I type the code in manually. You are not required to perform such geekery.

  2. Karen J says:

    Do you have somebody lined up already to do the transcribing?

    • We do. Sue has been working with a friend in New Jersey for a while, taking some of the overflow transcription.

      You interested when she’s not available?

    • Karen J says:

      Nah – *That* would be me taking on a(nother) whole “I know nuthin’ about how to do this, but it sounds intriguing” project…

      However, my Sister has been both transcribing and sub-titling videos for a forum where she’s a (volunteer) moderator for almost a year now. She might be interested – especially if there’s $$ involved ;) . I’ll talk to her about it this weekend, if not before.

  3. I’ve made a note of Barb’s contact info. It’s always nice to know there’s someone else available for transcription work since I get asked about it periodically.

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