WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding a PayPal Add-to-Cart Button

Adding a PayPal Add-to-Cart button to your websiteFollowing is the transcription for the Adding a PayPal Add-to-Cart video tutorial.

Howdy! Joel D Canfield here with another Spinhead Web Design WordPress Tutorial.

All right, creating an Add-to-Cart Button. Once you’re logged in, go to: Merchant Services. Wait patiently while the button clicks. And there it is, Add to Cart button. Just click on that link and we’ll look at the options you have available.

So, the button type is: Shopping Cart. Here we’ll put in the Item name, whatever it is. That’s for people to see. You can use Item ID’s if you need a unique identifier for each item. You might call it whatever you like. And Price in dollars and cents. If you need to add options, for instance if it comes in different colors or something like that, you can customize this area. We’re not going to do that right now, although you can make one simple change, if you like here. You can use a smaller button if it works better for you. We’ll leave it the big button for now.

For shipping, you can either put in a specific amount for this item, which will be shipped anywhere. Or it will use shipping you set up elsewhere in PayPal. One other thing that I often do is this is my Default, getting the shipping address. But another thing I do is when people finish checking out, I give them an address to go back to. And that way instead of just getting the generic PayPal, Thank you! Done page, they come back to my site where I say thank you so very much and that could be created to actually reflect what they just bought and things like that.

This area we can do all kinds of custom things. But for now we ‘re just creating a simple button. We’ll create the button. Grab that code, copy it, and then hop over to WordPress, or your website, or wherever you like. Right now I’m just opening my Text Editor so you can see it. And as soon as it’s ready, we’ll open a document and paste this in.

There you go! That would create your PayPal button on your website!

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adding a PayPal Add-to-Cart Button”.

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