WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding an Image to a Gallery

Adding an Image to a GalleryFollowing is the transcription for the Adding an Image to a Gallery Video Tutorial.

Hello again! Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design, with another WordPress Tutorial.

We’re going to add a picture to an existing image gallery.

Here’s our gallery in the brilliantly written Hello World! post. (It’s almost as if someone else wrote it for me.)

Pop into the Dashboard. Here’s, in the Visual tab, our gallery. Now in the HTML tab, where I usually work, code is all you get. You can’t edit it here. So we’ll pop over to the Visual tab. Hover over the gallery, click on it. And this button edits the gallery. (The other button deletes the gallery, so let’s not do that.)

Now we wait while the edit window comes up. All we’re going to do here’s our gallery. I’m going to add another image from my computer.

It’s the same now as uploading images. So let’s grab that picture, there we go; just adding another image. WordPress uploads it and crunches it. All the usual options, Save all Changes.

Update gallery settings.

And now we’ll Update the post.

And come see if the picture of my hat shows up. There it is! An image added to the gallery.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adding an Image to a Gallery”.

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