WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Adding and Removing Sidebar Widgets

adding or removing sidebar widgetsFollowing is the transcription to the WordPress Video Tutorial “Adding and Removing Sidebar Widgets“.

Hello there! Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design with another Spinhead WordPress Video Tutorial. Today we’re going to Add and Remove sidebar widgets.

You’ll notice here in the sidebar we have recent posts, recent comments, archives, categories. How do those get there? How do we change them?

Let’s go to the Dashboard and here under Appearance is the Menu item Widgets. By default, WordPress throws all of these widgets in there. If you want to remove one of these widgets, for instance, we don’t want people to look at the archives by date, drag it out, drop it. It automatically updates, fresh the page and the archive by date is gone. Drag the monthly archives back in, and let’s drop them at the very top, even above the search. Save that, oh let’s check a couple options. Refresh the page, and there are our archives.

Any of those sidebar widgets can be removed and generally it takes place instantly. There you go! Nothing but the search. We can use any of the widgets here that we want. Drag them over and configure them. Sometimes you may want to keep a Widget settings, but remove it temporarily. Drag it down here and it doesn’t delete all of your settings for your widgets. So let’s oh, put back a navigation menu underneath the search, save it just like it is, refresh the page and we only have one sample page on our site.

There you go! Sidebar widgets. Joel D Canfield, Spinhead Web Design with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Adding and Removing Sidebar Widgets”.

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