WordPress Video Tutorial Transcription: Insert and adjusting images

insert and adjusting imagesFollowing is the transcription to the WordPress Video Tutorial “Inserting and Adjusting Images”.

Hello! Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial.

I’ve written a blog post about My Best Beloved and we’re going to put an image in because I don’t think that this Latin text really gives you the best picture of what she’s like. 

So go into the Dashboard, Posts, bring up that post and now I’d like to, right about here, I’m going to insert an image right there, click on the Add Media button. Now you can just drag a bunch of images in there all at once if you’d like but I’m just gonna upload this one and there it goes zooming away, uploading that image, doing some stuff. Now that’s not the complete image, that’s just a thumbnail of it. And we can fill in all this information.

We should in fact fill in the Alternate Text and a Description. It helps screen readers for people with limited vision and things like that. I can even put a caption, I’m not going to this time. And I don’t want this to link anywhere. You can have an image be a link either to a larger version of itself which is the default you see here or file URL. It can go to a page that displays it in the page, you can change that to link to another site or anywhere. I don’t want it to be linked to anything. 

I can also align this so that text will flow around it. So I’m going to align it to the left. And now there’s our full size image.

That’s pretty big, almost 500 pixels wide.  But this 101 that it’s recommending, that’s a little small. So I’m going to insert this pretty large picture, we can also use this as the featured image of the post so that when someone mentions this post on Facebook, Twitter, somewhere else, that’s the image that will be used. So we’ll insert that image now that we’ve done everything with it and there it is fairly large.

Let’s update that page, and refresh it. And there it is, the great big picture of my wife. But you know, as much as I love her, that takes up a lot of space and that column of text beside it is a little small. 

So I’m going to come back here, click on the image and we can do this other ways but here’s one way. We’ll edit the image and let’s use a smaller thumbnail of the image. We can set all kinds of things manually there again but there we’ve got it and you know, I kind of want the text on the left and the image on the right. 

Now you can do all those same things when you’re inserting the image originally or you can come back and change them
after the fact. There we go. We’ll refresh the page. And there it is, an image lined up with the top of the paragraph floated over to one side of the page with text flowing around it. There’s a lot you can do playing with images and you can have images side by side, create galleries, and things like that. Play with images, they add a lot to your blog.

Joel D Canfield with another Spinhead WordPress Tutorial at spinhead.com.

To see the full video, visit the WordPress Tutorial page and click on “Inserting and Adjusting Images”.

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